provides fast purification of high-quality RNA from cells collected by standard nasopharyngeal swabbing. Samples can be conveniently delivered in classical viral sampling media.

RNA purification using the ViRNAEx™ can be automated on any pipetting automat. For smaller and larger samples, the volume of extracting buffer may be adjusted. The recommended starting volume is 100 µl of sampling solution.



RNA extraction solution enables instant and inexpensive RNA isolation from viruses with a possibility to use RNA subsequently in real time PCR testing (recommended: 5-10 µl of solution per qPCR reaction). The RNA sample preparation is shortened to 10 minutes including pipetting steps.

Kit Components 

  • 10mL tube with extracting mixture ViRNAExTM          or
  • 50mL tube with extracting miture ViRNAExTM

Product specifications 

Storage after opening:under 8 °C
Unit Definition:10mL or 50mL
Quality Control:QAM 20200414
RNAse testing:RNAses free 20200414

For fresh samples, only!!!   Do not use VTM- frozen samples!!!

Protocol – Isolation of RNA from nasopharyngeal, buccal swabs

  1. Mix 100µl of the biological sample (VTM) with 100µl of the extraction solution ViRNAExTM
  2. Incubate at 70°C (158°F) for 11 or 15 minutes (Some VTMs may work better after heating for 15 minutes, please check your VTM for 11 or 15 minutes and adjust the best time for your samples)
  3. Dilute the pre-heated mix 1:1 with nuclease free water
  4. Use the diluted solution (5-10µl) for down-stream PCR applications

Protocol in pdf: related image  IFU English_ViRNAEx_AJ.pdf (216 KB)